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Australian Buff Company has produced superior quality industrial and DIY surface polishing products since 1960.

Australian Buff Company is Australia’s only manufacturer of surface polishing products including polishing buffs, mops and compound.

Australian Buff Company is proud to be a 100% Australian owned and operated family business.

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For A Perfect Finish

Australian Buff Company has produced superior quality and D.I.Y surface polishing products since 1960.

If you have a surface to be shined, be it metal, plastic or glass, our product range is so extensive that we promise we have a cost effective solution for you.

Unrivalled Expertise

Our extensive knowledge gained from over 60 year expensive in the industry, means Australian Buff Company’s specialised, high qaulity buffs are produced to the highest standard possible.

Service To All Markets

Industrial to personal D.I.Y, local to international, whatever your polishing needs are, no matter how small or large, we guarantee we can assist you.

Not Sure What You Need?

We are more than happy to conduct a site visit to discuss and review your polishing needs and find the right solution for you.

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