Abrasive Polishing Wheels and Compounds for High Grade surface
finishing on all materials

Safety Instruction

When using the mops in conjunction with motorised machinery, please be aware that the mops can only be used at a maximum of +15% of the speeds listed in the table below. Using the mops outside of this range can cause serious injury and mechanical failure and voids ALL warranties on products. When using the products, please ensure the following safety equipment  is worn to prevent and minimise injury. Goggles, Gloves, Steel Cap Boots, Dust Mask Individual descriptions are stated in general terms, since the correct choice of the polishing buff depends on a number of factors which may be unknown to us: condition of the raw material prior to grinding, shape of article, type of metal, grade of polishing composition, contact pressure, final finish. Information about these points together with the diameter, width and bore of the buffs used on your machines. We will be able to recommend the most economical system for your process. Better still, ask for one of our technical staff to call. Our advice is free.

ABC Disclaimer


Even though they are internationally accepted, the value on this table should be considered only as a reference, since many other factors affect the results of polishing and shining.

Speed Table