Abrasive Polishing Wheels and Compounds for High Grade surface finishing on all materials

Airflows are similar to Coolairs, the difference being that airflows are for the use on parallel spindles and can consist of a number of sections which are clamped with flanges. These can be treated to give various hardness, which will hold the fibers together and help compound retention.


Available in: Swansdown, Climax, Calico, Unifirm


Other sizes available upon request


Part Number Diameter Thickness
A/F8X3X16 200mm 12mm
A/F8X5X16 200mm 12mm
A/F10X3X16 250mm 12mm
A/F10X5X16 250mm 12mm
A/F12X3X16 300mm 12mm
A/F12X5X16 300mm 12mm
A/F14X3X16 350mm 12mm
A/F14X5X16 350mm 12mm
A/F14X7X16 350mm 12mm
A/F16X5X16 400mm 12mm
A/F16X7X16 400mm 12mm
A/F18X5X16 450mm 12mm
A/F18X7X16 450mm 12mm
A/F20X5X15 500mm 12mm
A/F20X7X16 500mm 12mm
A/F22X5X16 550mm 12mm
A/F22X7X16 550mm 12mm