Abrasive Polishing Wheels and Compounds for High Grade surface finishing on all materials
Bore Is Available On All Mops
NW = No Washers
CXSS-Fully Stitched Climax 6mm spacing

Unbleached Climax mops are a slightly softer material then the calico this will give a higher grade finish compared with the calico as the material has been brushed on one side. Standard stitch creates a hard surface to allow more head pressure to be applied compared with a loose leaf, 1ROS, 2ROS and 3ROS buff and will prolong life. This product gives best results when used with colouring compounds.

Climax Standard Stitch

Part Number Diameter Thickness
CXSS2x25NW 50mm 10mm
CXSS2x50NW 50mm 20mm
CXSS3x25NW 75mm 10mm
CXSS3x50NW 75mm 20mm
CXSS4x25NW 100mm 10mm
CXSS4x50NW 100mm 20mm
CXSS4x25 100mm 10mm
CXSS4x50 100mm 20mm
CXSS4x75 100mm 30mm
CXSS4x100 100mm 40mm
CXSS4x125 100mm 50mm
CXSS4x150 100mm 60mm
CXSS6x25NW 150mm 10mm
CXSS6x50NW 150mm 20mm
CXSS6x25 150mm 10mm
CXSS6x50 150mm 20mm
CXSS6x75 150mm 30mm
CXSS6x100 150mm 40mm
CXSS6x125 150mm 50mm
CXSS6x150 150mm 60mm
CXSS8x25NW 200mm 10mm
CXSS8x50NW 200mm 20mm
CXSS8x25 200mm 10mm
CXSS8x50 200mm 20mm
CXSS8x75 200mm 30mm
CXSSS8x100 200mm 40mm
CXSS8x125 200mm 50mm
CXSS8x150 200mm 60mm
CXSS10x25NW 250mm 10mm
CXSS10x50NW 250mm 20mm
CXSS10x25 250mm 10mm
CXSS10x50 250mm 20mm
CXSS10x75 250mm 30mm
CXSS10x100 250mm 40mm
CXSS10x125 250mm 50mm
CXSS10x150 250mm 60mm
CXSS12x25NW 300mm 10mm
CXSS12x50NW 300mm 20mm
CXSS12x25 300mm 10mm
CXSS12x50 300mm 20mm
CXSS12x75 300mm 30mm
CXSS12x100 300mm 40mm
CXSS12x125 300mm 50mm
CXSS12x150 300mm 60mm