Abrasive Polishing Wheels and Compounds for High Grade surface finishing on all materials

Impregnation Table

All mops can be impregnated to improve mop life and compound retention. Indicate the choice of impregnation, when ordering your mops. The available impregnated colours and benefits are listed below:

IT-cool air black IT-sisal black

Black—is a extremely hard treatment which extends mop life, improves cutting ability and retains polishing compound.

IT-cool air blue IT-sisal blue

Blue — a very hard treatment which extends the mop life, improves cutting and retains polishing compound.

IT-cool air gold IT-sisal gold

Gold – is a slightly softer treatment which binds the fibres together aiding in the extension of mop life.

IT-cool air yellow IT-sisal yellow

Yellow — is a medium grade treatment, which extends mop life and aids in compound retention.

IT-cool air red 2nd option IT-sisal red

Red – is a softer treatment which gives compounds adherence and extends mop life.

IT-cool air pink IT-sisal pink

Pink – is a softer treatment than the red, which still gives good retention of polishing compound and extends mop life.