Abrasive Polishing Wheels and Compounds for High Grade surface finishing on all materials

Loose leaf unbleached Unifirm mops are primarily used for colouring. This will give these mops more cut then conventional Calico. The compounds used are usually green, blue or white. These compounds are generally used to give a high gloss on stainless steel.

These can be stitched as required.


Bore Is Available On All Mops

LLU: Loose Leaf Unifirm


Other sizes available upon request


Loose Leaf Unifirm

Part Number Diameter Thickness
LLU2x25 50mm 10mm
LLU2x50 50mm 20mm
LLU2x75 50mm 30mm
LLU2x100 50mm 40mm
LLU2x150 50mm 60mm
LLU3x25 75mm 10mm
LLU3x50 75mm 20mm
LLU3x75 75mm 30mm
LLU3x100 75mm 40mm
LLU3x150 75mm 60mm
LLU4x25 100mm 10mm
LLU4x50 100mm 20mm
LLU4x75 100mm 30mm
LLU4x100 100mm 40mm
LLU4x150 100mm 60mm
LLU6x25 150mm 10mm
LLU6x50 150mm 20mm
LLU6x75 150mm 30mm
LLU6x100 150mm 40mm
LLU6x150 150mm 60mm
LLU6x200 150mm 80mm
LLU8x25  200mm 10mm
LLU8x50  200mm 20mm
LLU8x75 200mm 30mm
LLU8x100  200mm 40mm
LLU8x150  200mm 60mm
LLU8x200  200mm 80mm
LLU10x25 250mm 10mm
LLU10x50  250mm 20mm
LLU10x75 250mm 30mm
LLU10x100  250mm 40mm
LLU10x150  250mm 60mm
LLU10x200 250mm 80mm
LLU12x25 300mm 10mm
LLU12x50  300mm 20mm
LLU12x75 300mm 30mm
LLU12x100  300mm 40mm
LLU12x150  300mm 60mm
LLU12x200 300mm 80mm