Abrasive Polishing Wheels and Compounds for High Grade surface finishing on all materials

Brown non woven is generally used as a cut and polish wheel where a clean satin finish is required. Non woven wheels are sensitive to heat and must not run too fast or with too much pressure.

Used for work on all metals.


Bore Is Available On All Mops

S/BBR = Scotchbrite Brown

S/BBRHP = Scotchbrite Brown Hand Pad

S/BBRSEG = Scotchbrite Brown Segmented


Other Sizes Available Upon Request

Brown Non Woven

Part Number Diameter Thickness Hand Pads
S/BBR2x1 50mm 7mm Part Number Diameter Thickness
S/BBR2x2 50mm 14mm S/BBRHP9x6  N/A 7mm
S/BBR2x3 50mm 21mm
S/BBR2x4 50mm 28mm Segmented Mops
S/BBR2x5 50mm 35mm Part Number Diameter Thickness
S/BBR2x6 50mm 42mm S/BBRSEG4x4 100mm 23mm
S/BBR2x7 50mm 49mm S/BBRSEG4x8 100mm 56mm
S/BBR2x8 50mm 56mm S/BBRSEG6x4 150mm 23mm
S/BBR2x9 50mm 63mm S/BBRSEG6x8 150mm 56mm
S/BBR2x10 50mm 70mm S/BBRSEG8x4 200mm 23mm
S/BBRSEG8x8 200mm 56mm
S/BBR3x1 75mm 7mm
S/BBR3x2 75mm 14mm
S/BBR3x3 75mm 21mm
S/BBR3x4 75mm 28mm
S/BBR3x5 75mm 35mm
S/BBR3x6 75mm 42mm
S/BBR3x7 75mm 49mm
S/BBR3x8 75mm 56mm
S/BBR3x9 75mm 63mm
S/BBR3x10 75mm 70mm
S/BBR4x1 100mm 7mm
S/BBR4x2 100mm 14mm
S/BBR4x3 100mm 21mm
S/BBR4x4 100mm 28mm
S/BBR4x5 100mm 35mm
S/BBR4x6 100mm 42mm
S/BBR4x7 100mm 49mm
S/BBR4x8 100mm 56mm
S/BBR4x9 100mm 63mm
S/BBR4x10 100mm 70mm
S/BBR5x1 125mm 7mm
S/BBR5x2 125mm 14mm
S/BBR5x3 125mm 21mm
S/BBR5x4 125mm 28mm
S/BBR5x5 125mm 35mm
S/BBR5x6 125mm 42mm
S/BBR5x7 125mm 49mm
S/BBR5x8 125mm 56mm
S/BBR5x9 125mm 63mm
S/BBR5x10 125mm 70mm
S/BBR6x1 150mm 7mm
S/BBR6x2 150mm 14mm
S/BBR6x3 150mm 21mm
S/BBR6x4 150mm 28mm
S/BBR6x5 150mm 35mm
S/BBR6x6 150mm 42mm
S/BBR6x7 150mm 49mm
S/BBR6x8 150mm 56mm
S/BBR6x9 150mm 63mm
S/BBR6x10 150mm 70mm
S/BBR8x1 200mm 7mm
S/BBR8x2 200mm 14mm
S/BBR8x3 200mm 21mm
S/BBR8x4 200mm 28mm
S/BBR8x5 200mm 35mm
S/BBR8x6 200mm 42mm
S/BBR8x7 200mm 49mm
S/BBR8x8 200mm 56mm
S/BBR8x9 200mm 63mm
S/BBR8x10 200mm 70mm