Abrasive Polishing Wheels and Compounds for High Grade surface finishing on all materials

Harder wheels are designed for faster cutting and flat surfaces.

Softer wheels are designed for contoured parts.

Higher speeds produce a higher grade finish. Depending on machine set up, larger diameter wheels will give higher speed. Selection of the right contact wheel is as important as the choice of abrasive belt.

Bore Is Available On All Mops

Code Index

  • CONH = Contact Wheel Hard
  • CONS = Contact Wheel Soft

When ordering please nominate which of the above Hardness you require, along with the Part Number


Contact Wheel

Part Number Diameter Thickness
CON_2x1 50mm 12.5mm
CON_2x2 50mm 25mm
CON_2x3 50mm 37.5mm
CON_2x4 50mm 50mm
CON_3x1 75mm 12.5mm
CON_3x2 75mm 25mm
CON_3x3 75mm 37.5mm
CON_3x4 75mm 50mm
CON_4x1 100mm 12.5mm
CON_4x2 100mm 25mm
CON_4x3 100mm 37.5mm
CON_4x4 100mm 50mm
CON_5x1 125mm 12.5mm
CON_5x2 125mm 25mm
CON_5x3 125mm 37.5mm
CON_5x4 125mm 50mm
CON_6x1 150mm 12.5mm
CON_6x2 150mm 25mm
CON_6x3 150mm 37.5mm
CON_6x4 150mm 50mm
CON_8x1 200mm 12.5mm
CON_8x2 200mm 25mm
CON_8x3 200mm 37.5mm
CON_8x4 200mm 50mm
CON_10x1 250mm 12.5mm
CON_10x2 250mm 25mm
CON_10x3 250mm 37.5mm
CON_10x4 250mm 50mm
CON_12x1 300mm 12.5mm
CON_12x2 300mm 25mm
CON_12x3 300mm 37.5mm
CON_12x4 300mm 50mm
CON_14x1 350mm 12.5mm
CON_14x2 350mm 25mm
CON_14x3 350mm 37.5mm
CON_14x4 350mm 50mm
CON_16x1 400mm 12.5mm
CON_16x2 400mm 25mm
CON_16x3 400mm 37.5mm
CON_16x4 400mm 50mm