Abrasive Polishing Wheels and Compounds for High Grade surface finishing on all materials

Clean and Strip wheels are excellent for the cleaning of rust and oxide removal.

These wheels can also be used for stripping paint off timber.


Bore Is Available On All Mops

C&S = Clean & Strip

N/W = No Washer


Other Sizes Available Upon Request

Clean and Strip

Part Number Diameter Thickness
C&S2NW  50mm 13mm
C&S2x1  50mm 13mm
C&S2x2  50mm 26mm
C&S2x3  50mm 39mm
C&S2x4  50mm 52mm
C&S2x5  50mm 65mm
C&S3NW  75mm 13mm
C&S3x1  75mm 13mm
C&S3x2  75mm 26mm
C&S3x3  75mm 39mm
C&S3x4  75mm 52mm
C&S3x5  75mm 65mm
C&S4NW 100mm 13mm
C&S4x1 100mm 13mm
C&S4x2 100mm 26mm
C&S4x3 100mm 39mm
C&S4x4 100mm 52mm
C&S4x5 100mm 65mm
C&S5NW 125mm 13mm
C&S5x1 125mm 13mm
C&S5x2 125mm 26mm
C&S5x3 125mm 39mm
C&S5x4 125mm 52mm
C&S5x5 125mm 65mm
C&S6NW 150mm 13mm
C&S6x1 150mm 13mm
C&S6x2 150mm 26mm
C&S6x3 150mm 39mm
C&S6x4 150mm 52mm
C&S6x5 150mm 65mm
C&S7NW 175mm 13mm
C&S7x1 175mm 13mm
C&S7x2 175mm 26mm
C&S7x3 175mm 39mm
C&S7x4 175mm 52mm
C&S7x5 175mm 65mm
C&S8NW 200mm 13mm
C&S8x1 200mm 13mm
C&S8x2 200mm 26mm
C&S8x3 200mm 39mm
C&S8x4 200mm 52mm
C&S8x5 200mm 65mm