Abrasive Polishing Wheels and Compounds for High Grade surface finishing on all materials

Double Radial or Petal Stitch produces pockets that help hold more polishing compound. This type of stitching aids in both cut and colouring. This mop can be used on brass, copper and zinc castings.

Compounds generally used are green, white and blue.


Bore Is Available On All Mops

RSMDBLR: Rag Stitched Mop Double Radials

NW: No Washer


Other sizes available upon request

Rag Double Radial Stitched

Part Number Diameter Thickness
RSMDBLR2NW 50mm 12.5mm
RSMDBLR2x1 50mm 12.5mm
RSMDBLR2x2 50mm 25mm
RSMDBLR2x3 50mm 37.5mm
RSMDBLR2x4 50mm 50mm
RSMDBLR4NW 100mm 12.5mm
RSMDBLR4x1 100mm 12.5mm
RSMDBLR4x2 100mm 25mm
RSMDBLR4x3 100mm 37.5mm
RSMDBLR4x4 100mm 50mm
RSMDBLR6NW 150mm 12.5mm
RSMDBLR6x1 150mm 12.5mm
RSMDBLR6x2 150mm 25mm
RSMDBLR6x3 150mm 37.5mm
RSMDBLR6x4 150mm 50mm
RSMDBLR8NW 200mm 12.5mm
RSMDBLR8x1 200mm 12.5mm
RSMDBLR8x2 200mm 25mm
RSMDBLR8x3 200mm 37.5mm
RSMDBLR8x4 200mm 50mm
RSMDBLR10NW 250mm 12.5mm
RSMDBLR10x1 250mm 12.5mm
RSMDBLR10x2 250mm 25mm
RSMDBLR10x3 250mm 37.5mm
RSMDBLR10x4 250mm 50mm
RSMDBLR12NW 300mm 12.5mm
RSMDBLR12x1 300mm 12.5mm
RSMDBLR12x2 300mm 25mm
RSMDBLR12x3 300mm 37.5mm
RSMDBLR12x4 300mm 50mm
RSMDBLR14NW 350mm 12.5mm
RSMDBLR14x1 350mm 12.5mm
RSMDBLR14x2 350mm 25mm
RSMDBLR14x3 350mm 37.5mm
RSMDBLR14x4 350mm 50mm
RSMDBLR16NW 400mm 12.5mm
RSMDBLR16x1 400mm 12.5mm
RSMDBLR16x2 400mm 25mm
RSMDBLR16x3 400mm 37.5mm
RSMDBLR16x4 400mm 50mm